Hi Forum

We have had a Pilot project running setting up a MAC "Lion" server(s),
and "bind" it to DSfW(AD) on OES2-SP3 and OES11-SP1 which works fine,
and we could use the MAC wiki e.t.c. on the mac server for the eDir /
dsfw users, as well as for OpenDirectory users.

Now that Apple have updated thair servers we are trying to set things up
again with the new OS, and bind the new Mountain Lion, in the same way
as we did with the Lion server to same DSfW but it fails to Bind/join
with following error.

"the daemon encountered an error processing request"

Anybody had succes binding a Mountain Lion to DSfW, or is this down to
"AD" Compatibility issues, as i know of DSfW is Windows 2003 domain level.

But Mountain Lion can Bind/Join fine to a Windows 2003 AD server.

Any ideas would be great

Thanks in advance
- Michael Enevold