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Thread: Add Documents/Photos with Mobile-App

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    Add Documents/Photos with Mobile-App

    Use Vibe Mobile App on Android and wondering...
    I can't find an option to upload/share a Document or a Photo from Phone to Vibe (Documentfolder / Photoalbum).

    1. Not in the Android-OS-Sharing-Shortcuts (when i go on a picture and select sharing, i get nice shortcuts for facebook, google+, dropbox,...) but there is no Vibe-Shortcut (what would be a nice feature to easy upload to vibe).
    2. Not in Vibe-MobileApp (when i select Documentfolder / Photoalbum) i can't select a new entry.

    Situation: We have caretakers which takes photos from damage of buildings with Android-Phones. I thought, they can quick and easy upload these photos to vibe, so that the clerk in office can have a look at this...

    Any suggestions?
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