I'm planning on doing some renovations to my eDir structure to modernize it and make it more reflective of the current state of our organization. After a small start of just moving my IT department and only my user account, I've discovered a minor issue that may have larger ramifications with datasync as I move forward. I've moved my user object from OU=Administration,O=MyOrg to an OU=IT,O=MyOrg, all servers are contained in a single physical location, everything happens inside the building that I am physically located in, but when I did the move sync to my phone broke.

Upon inspection I found that even after the move, my Datasync Mobility objects referenced my user object when it was in my old OU, and does not automatically update to the new OU. Is the best practice for continuing to move users to delete and recreate their datasync connection after the move takes place, as that was the only immediate way that I could find to resolve the issue? The move disassociated my GroupWise object from my eDir object also and I did not leave an alias, but I was able to resolve that by simply re-associating objects, and perhaps I did not wait long enough for the change to update? Thanks!