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Thread: Win Server 2008R2 - Unable to create zenworks service user

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    Win Server 2008R2 - Unable to create zenworks service user

    Just installed ZCM 11.2 on a brand-spankin-new Windows Server 2008 R2 box, 4GB RAM, 2 CPUs, etc. I get the following error:

    Unable to create zenworks service user {0}, process failed with the following message: {1} com.novell.zenworks.configure.NonFatalConfigureExc eption: There was an error creating the user to be used by the Novell ZENworks Server and Novell ZENworks Loader services. These services will continue to run under the local System account. In order for all functions of the services to run properly, a local admin user should be created and assigned to these services. at com.novell.zenworks.configure.actions.CreateServic esConfigureAction.createAdminUser(CreateServicesCo nfigureAction.java:671) at com.novell.zenworks.configure.actions.CreateServic esConfigureAction.runConfigure(CreateServicesConfi gureAction.java:235) at com.novell.zenworks.configure.actions.CreateServic esConfigureAction.configure(CreateServicesConfigur eAction.java:375) at com.novell.zenworks.configure.actions.CreateServic esConfigureAction.main(CreateServicesConfigureActi on.java:1577) Key not found: Novell ZENworks Server
    Now, if I do make this local admin user, where do I change the services? Just in services.msc or elsewhere as well?

    I notice on my Windows Server 2003 boxes, it's run as a __z_124_93__ user. Should I do something similar here manually?

    Many thanks,

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