I'm not sure this is a ZCM issue, but perhaps ZCM can be adjusted to get this to work.

We use McAfee EPO agent (ie: framepkg.exe)

Works fine, just the way we want on XP.

Windows 7 is a diff. matter

I have my Bundle set to "install" the file to a made-up directory and then run the framepkg.exe with a command option of:
/s (or /silent)

The Launch Executable is in the Install Action set
It's set to run as Dynamic Administrator.

IF I do not use the /s switch, it works perfectly.

If I use the /s switch

Then it never runs (the directory gets created, it puts the framepkg.exe into that directory but then it doesn't even run the file).

Now, if I MANUALLY try to run the file (open a CMD prompt, cd into the directory and type: framepkg.exe /silent) it won't run either.

1) we have UAC turned off
2) I am an "administrator" of the machine, although I am NOT Selecting to run the cmd.exe as an Administrator

I'm wondering if I need to run cmd.exe and then put the command in there somehow?

I've not encountered this before (yet). Although most of our stuff I TRY to run as MSI.
Firefox runs fine with the switches (although I don't believe it requires that you run as administrator--whereas I know that the McAfee stuff DOES require that).