We recently moved our GWIA and GWINTER onto a new SLES11 OES server (VM). They used to co-exist quite happily on Netware.

We installed and got Webaccess working fine before migrating the GWIA.

Since then (and it may be coincidence) the GWINTER falls over without warning or error several times a day. On checking the status on the server its shows DEAD. There is nothing in the log files. I've looked at TIDs 7004510 and 7002916, but these are quite old and I can't believe these haven't been addressed.

The domain, GWIA and WebAcc agent are all GW802 HP3 as is the primary domain and the domain and PO for the email accounts.

Anyone got any thoughts or ideas? It's causing us an issue as the Board use this when they are offsite.

many thanks