One thing I noticed with ZCM 10.3.x and now with 11.2.1. I have bundles running at device boot -- installations, some settings applied etc. It is reasonable to set at boot as devices mostly is switched off at night and started weekdays at morning, little earlier than people (users) arrive. Starting (just a few weeks ago) I have setup 11.2.1 and few devices and bundles associated with these. Some to run at boot. And ... when I restarted device, well, those bundles running almost as ZENworks agent service is started. But ... as with ZCM 10.3 I start (just today) to see that running those bundles with ZCM 11.2 not happen within few minutes after device and agent service start as expected, but ... with delay some almost 10 minutes. Ok, haven't took a look in deep of logs, but probably I'm not the only one experiencing this. Don't remember I have done something special within conf of ZCM. Same start to happen on WXP and W7 devices, some quicker than other, but delay is the same. For now I have on ZCM 11 just a 4 ws's and 35 bundles, nothing much.
Well, must admit this delay does not bother me ... much, but, anyway, good to know why this happen.
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.