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Thread: OES/NETWARE Server Licensing

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    OES/NETWARE Server Licensing

    I hope this is in the correct forum. In September 2012, I purchased ($400.00 plus) the Foundations of Novell Open Enterprise Server for NetWare self study course. I am taking the CNA test on December 13, 2012 which is a requirement for my continued employment. I work for a local school district in their IT department. The course comes with a VMware OES server running NetWare6.5. I am trying to take the course but have run into a problem. The server console indicates the license is expired. I am unable to get iManager or iFolder to connect via a browser. I can load ConsoleOne and browse the tree and sub-containers, I can log in to the virtual server from the virtual server host machine. When I load the Remote Manager I can see there is a licensing error. The stop light (that's what it looks like to me) has a red bar. Clicking on it and scrolling down "Licensing Information" is red, clicking on that does not reveal any additional useful information. The server console (I have a screen capture, but don't see any way to attach it here) has the following error displayed: "Policy Manager: (5.00-051): Server License Expired for Novell 6 Server 650". The license report from NWADMIN states "Product: NetWare6 Server+Novell+650", "Container is SLC.DA" (this is not the root of my tree), "Current License Usage: 0 units used, unlimited units installed". I 'd love to get some meaningful use out of this expensive course so any help is appreciated. I contacted Novell and told them about this. I talked to a nice lady who told me she would look into this and get back to me. I received an email back from her in which she stated this had been referred to educustomer@novell.com. I waited a few days to hear from educustomer and never heard anything. I sent an email to educustomer@novell.com which bounced back with does not exist at novell.com, so Novell is of no help at this point. I did email the original lady back and she has not responded.
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