I upgraded a server from Netware 6.5 and...

Server has SYS1 volume and DATA1 volume (old server had SYS and SYSDATA1,

my original login script mount U: to SYSDATA1:users\Login_name

For the tranfer I copied ALL of the SYSDATA1: files to SYS1:\data -
including the users folders

I changed the login script to mount U: SYS1:\data\users\Login_Name

BUT... I have NOT set users home folder in users settings!!!

when logged in as a user I was shocked to find user was able to access not
just U: but ALL of the SYS1: volume not just U:
I am using the latest Novell client

NB: CIFS is enabled on the Server - does that ignore Netware rights (I
haven't set any on the new volumes) and users are NOT admin equivalent