i try to use Remote Desktops with a generic Windows User. With AutoAdminQueryNDS =1 (request eDIr Logon even if configured for Windows Auto Logon) this works well for physical Machines.

I found that it is possible to use the same setting with Remote Desktop using mstsc.exe and saved credentials. The user is presented the known Novell Login Screen and if NDS Authenticated logged on with the MSTSC-saved-credential-Windows-User.

However it will not work together with a 3d party Credential Provider (pncredprov.dll)
Novell CLient will not intercept this time. The 3d party CP simply logs on to the Windows User.

My Question:

Could there be a trick to let Novell Client do the AutoAdminQueryNDS together with a 3d party CP?

TSClientAutoAdminLogon: this key seems to provide only for eDir Logon "Attempt" with the same username. The eDir Logon is not mandatory as with AutoAdminQueryNDS.

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