I have several issue with ZCM 11.2.1:

1) The major issue: Windows 7 pro x64 devices failing to register with zone after cloning. Device registration is not reliable.

2) MSTSC randomly crashing. I unchecked redirected printers. Not sure if this resolve the issue. Will post tomorrow with more details.

3) ZEN agent tray icon in constant refresh state and all icons on desktop are locked. A log off resolves this issue. I have only seen this happen on 3 systems.

The environment:
- Windows 2008 R2 domain (KMS Activation)
- Active Directory only (No Edir)
- ZCM 11.2.1 on Windows 2008 r2 platform
- 3 ZEN servers all virtualized in ESX 5
- User source: Active Directory
- Clients Workstation Windows 7 pro x64 (All Microsoft Patches applied)
- Workstation hardware Lenovo 9482-cto Dual Core 2 gigs ram
- Workstation hardware Lenovo I5 processor, 4 gigs ram
- Symantec End point 12.1 Anti Virus
- Windows 7 master Image has Zen agent pre installed
- Cleared the ZEN Agent's GUID prior to making the master image. Used commands Zac unr, Zac fsg -d & Zac cc

After the cloning is finished, we change the Workstation name, join the Domain and reboot. Then we login into the domain and launch the zac reg -u userid -p password -k keyname https://host.domain.lan

I have gone through several master images try to see if it was the procedure but nothing seems to work.

I notice that when the Agent registers I see a message: Successfully registered with zone "[could not determine]" at url "https://hostname.domain.lan". The workstation is in the ZCM zone however the agent properties page shows the "ZENworks Server Properties" to be unavailable. Even a reboot does not change this state.

On a working registered system I will see the "ZENworks Server Properties" fully populated with the IP address, zone name and DNS name.

I have opened a SR and will be working the issue with support.

Anyone out there with this issue?