Good day,

I'm having some trouble using the ncpmount command to mount a volume from an OES2SP3 server to another OES2SP3 server,

here is the command that I used following directions in TID 3797138 (I also used 3003106)

ncpmount -A ipaddress of server -S ipaddress of server -U admin.mycontext -V volumename /mnt/nameofserver

that works in my home environment just fine, and when I'm connecting to a NetWare server, however not working on the above description, further when I try to connect from a OES2SP3 to an OES11SP1

I get the following error:

cannot access path "[{volume name}]" : Invalid argument.

I read that I should be starting a packet trace what other troubleshooting steps should I be following?

Thank you