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Thread: Wrong mapped drive location after first losing them

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    Wrong mapped drive location after first losing them

    Currently have Client SP2 for Windows 7(IR5)

    Have two identical machines as far as I can tell. On both machines have already made the Win7 registry changes for losing mapped drives(i.e. EnableLinkedConnections, KeepConn, Autodisconnect, etc).
    On one machine solved losing the mapped drive and is now fine.

    The other machine, upon reboot will keep the mapping but CHANGES! the unc location. So, user mapped it “G:\toto\data”, upon reboot it gives her “G:\toto\sys” which is a different sub-folder under the same physical drive. Basically she has to remap everytime she boots up so it keeps the map just the wrong location.

    One thing I found in the registry, thought that maybe would solve it since there was a discrepancy between the two machines, under HKEY_USERS and netware mapped drives, the good machine only had “\toto\data” entry where the bad machine had both the “data” and “sys” and order was “sys” last, so I thought maybe it was rewriting the map when it finished the task. However, cleaned it up, where “data” is the only entry and it still didn’t work upon reboot. Still mapped “sys” folder although this registry entry only says “data” for the mapped drive now(i.e. didn’t make a difference, but machine kept value I changed)

    Other thing I thought?? Maybe she is still losing her map and in reality, someone else had mapped the sys drive at some point and it was to be for everyone and that’s why it still shows up every reboot, although the new user is disconnecting it every time and connecting to the proper map.

    Thanks if any can enlighten me on this one.
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