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Thread: ZPM 11.2 Upgrade to 11.2.2

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    ZPM 11.2 Upgrade to 11.2.2

    I just installed a fresh ZPM 11.2 How do I upgrade it to 11.2.2? I downloaded the ZENworks_11.2.2_Update.zip. I followed the instructions and imported the Update within the ZCM and assigned it to the only device, which is the actual server. I only have 1 zone and 1 device (the server). When I check on the status of the update, it says "update assigned" with the status detail saying "the agent on the device should be refreshed in order to start the installation". I've gone to the server and restarted all of the services using novell-zenworks-configure command. Clearly I'm missing something for updating the server to 11.2.2 but I just don't know. I'm new to this environment. Been using the Patch Management 6.4 so this ZCM is new territory for me. Thanks for your patience in helping me get going.

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