HI *,

Groupwise2012SP1 was installed via ZCM.

I used the offical documentation to build the package:
Novell Documentation

ZCM does not report any issue so i don't think it is related, but may be important to rebuild my problem.
I can start Groupwise after the installation as a user with administrator privileges. Also my groupwise.mst file was applied.

Also i can start Groupwise2012SP1 as a user without administrator privileges.

BUT i can not start GW as the user(no admin priv) who was logged on while the ZCM11.2.1 Package was installed. Groupwise does not throw an exception or error code it simply says:

[free translation]
GroupWise was not installed properly. The Groupwise-Components couldn't be initialized. Run the setup again or ask ur sysadmin
[end free translation]

Since another user can start it without admin priv. it can't be conflict with ntfs files system rights nor some execution prevention.

Thanks in advance.