Can anyone give me clarification about MU2 an the problem with HP6540b and the DriveGuard problem.

In TID 7003532 (Support | ZCM11SP2 failed on HP Notebook 6540b with HP DriveGuard v4.2.2.1) it says that the fix for this is included in MU1, and that this fix does not need to be separatly installed if MU1 is installed.
In TID 7006918 (Support | ZCM 11.2 Monthly Update 2 - update information and list of fixes) it says that all fixes in MU1 also is included in MU2 (also the 7003532 DriveGuard-fix). So, as I read it, no need for separatly install 7003532 if MU2 is installed.
But in download-page for MU2 (NOVELL: Downloads - ZCM 11.2 Monthly Update 2 - see TID 7006918) there is a note to customers having 6540 with DriveGuard, they MUST install 7003532.

So, info-TID about MU2, says that 7003532 is included, and download-page says that 7003532 must be installed.
How is it?
What are the procedures?

I have customers with problems with machines with DriveGuard (agent wont install, and some machine wont work at all after trying to install).
That is some different machines from 6540b, but all the machines with problem is HP Notebooks that has DriveGuard installed.
Problem seems to come when the last setup.exe is about to run.