- Windows XP SP1
- NW Client 4.90 SP2 (with latest released Patches)
- Mixed Topology: Fast Ethernet or Token Ring

For strategical reason's we have installed the NCF 2.0 on
all Notebooks or PC's with RAS-components (about 350
installs by now).
No big problems as we use the NW Client 4.83.
After beginning the rollout of the NW Client 4.90 we have a
strange problem:
- if the NW Client 4.90 is installed AND
- the notebook/PC use Token Ring AND
- the NCF will be installed
we get at 100% a BSOD on the first reboot after installing
the NCF. Will get the BSOD without user inventation in the
NW Cl Logon Screen.

STOP 0x000000D1 (0xFF852000, 0x00000002, 0x00000000,
FILTNT.SYS -- Address F4C20E7C base at F4C13000, Datastamp

(Also seen this BSOD on one Computer with NCF & NWCL4.90,
but where the NCF was installed BEFORE the NWCL 4.90.)

The only "workaround" is deinstalling the NCF by booting the
Computer in (german) "Abgesichterter Modus".

Any help is welcome.

Regards - Frank