Numerous devices across our campus are reporting Bundle.ItemCreation errors for many different bundle GUID's. An example of one of the errors is as follows:

Device Alias: hoopet-7
Device IP Addresses:,
Error: [11/15/12 8:14:04 AM] Bundle Bundle.ItemCreationError
Bundle.ItemCreationError{b337e3fc306c9f052005b61cd 65b8429;Object reference not set to an
instance of an object.;at
Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.AppActionItem.IsAppADevi ceAssignedUserApp()
at Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.AppActionItem.GetStatus( )
at Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.AppActionItem.SetInitial Status(Boolean finished)
at Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.AppActionIte}

Again, these errors are neither specific to one device, nor specific to one GUID. They are occurring on multiple devices, with multiple GUID's. There is no correlation (as far as I can tell) between the devices. Some are Windows XP, others are Windows 7. There is also no correlation (as far as I can tell) between the bundle GUID's. Some are MSI bundles, others are simple bundles.

These errors appear to be completely random and don't point to anything specific, nor do they appear to impact the operation of the devices. The devices are still refreshing properly, still contacting the server properly and still installing bundles properly. We are running 10.3.4 (server and agents).

Any ideas?