I am using GroupWise 8.0. I created a new mail and used File->Attachments->Attach Files...to attach files, and selected one MS WORD and one Excel file to attach to this emai. Then I launched Paint to open a jpg file name image.jpg, selected the image to copy to clipboard, and went back to the mail to use Edit->Paste to paste (embed) the image into this email, then send the email.
Using Object API when I try to fetch the message, the attachment collection shows 3 attachments, one is MS WORD document with Objtype is egwFile, second is Excel file with Objtype again is egwFile, so far so good, then the third one shows name as image.bmp, BUT the Objtype also is egwFile (instead of egwOLEEmbedded)?? I used these statements to get the objtype of each attachment.

AttachmentTypeConstants type;
hRes = m_pGWAttachment->get_ObjType(&type);

Where CComPtr<IGWAttachment> m_pGWAttachment;

Is there a way to know that an attachment is an embedded attachment?