I'm trying out DSfW, and have created a DSfW partition in an existing test tree, and created a user in iManager, and joined a windows 7 machine to the domain. That user can log in fine to the workstation, through ldap, and through another machine with the novell client on it. If I create the user through MMC, though, the user can only log in to the workstation with the username; Logins fail through ldap/novell client.

E.G. I create a user through iManager with the username "test" where the first name is "Test" the last name is "DSfW". The username is created as I expect through eDir, with the CN, userprincipalname, and sAMAccountName all being "test". Login works with everything.
If I create it through MMC, though, the userprincipalname and SAMAccountName are "test", but the CN is "Test DSfW" (which would be typical of AD). This would be fine, but login through the Novell Client doesn't work when typing the username ("test"), but it does work with the full name ("Test DSfW").

Am I doing something wrong, or is this expected. I'd like to use MCC for user management, but I can't ask my users to remember 2 different username structures, based on whether the machine is a domain machine or not, or different ones for ldap services than machine logins.

Can anyone shed any light?

Thanks in advance,