I'm having problems after upgrading to OES + GW2012

I'm getting bad Vibes from NTS... no punn indented !

Here is my situation:

Upgraded to added a OES Server to Existing Tree
Copied data from Netware server after checking
Upgraded Groupwise - domain and PO only
setting paths, IP, Access right to external library folders

everything works BUT... DMS issues

only some docs open or able to view - (access seems slow - view on Netware is instant - on oes / gw2012 SLOW...)
hardware is QuadCore Xeon, 8Gb RAM, Adaptac SAS Controller with 15K RPM SAS drives
Original NW Server is 7200rpm SCSI, 4Gb Ram, DualCore Xeon
(although for the trial upgrade I mirrored onto IDE and speed is just as good!)

as I said some docs don't open
those I can open - I get a 8209 error when saving

I happen to mention to (NTS the procedure is almost the same as I have done before on small system
this was simply EXT3 based system & the Lib was under PO...

NTS suggested the recommended location for DOCS is under the PO - this is contrary to the Novell docs as External is recommended
NTS Suggested NSS could be issue with regards to speed !!

Anyone using EXTERNAL Storage locations (on the same Linux OES server ?)
NSS for storage ?

6 Trial runs and same behavior (Process is similar to Novell docs / Caledonia book)

any issues on upgrading !

I'm pulling my hair out