I get 8209 when the GW Client doesn't not have the "Save and Check out"
File Location set to a valid path (Tools / Option / Environment / File

Hope this helps


bharat1 wrote:

> I'm having problems after upgrading to OES + GW2012
> I'm getting bad Vibes from NTS... no punn indented !
> Here is my situation:
> Upgraded to added a OES Server to Existing Tree
> Copied data from Netware server after checking
> Upgraded Groupwise - domain and PO only
> setting paths, IP, Access right to external library folders
> everything works BUT... DMS issues
> only some docs open or able to view - (access seems slow - view on
> Netware is instant - on oes / gw2012 SLOW...)
> hardware is QuadCore Xeon, 8Gb RAM, Adaptac SAS Controller with 15K
> RPM SAS drives
> Original NW Server is 7200rpm SCSI, 4Gb Ram, DualCore Xeon
> (although for the trial upgrade I mirrored onto IDE and speed is just
> as good!)
> as I said some docs don't open
> those I can open - I get a 8209 error when saving
> I happen to mention to (NTS the procedure is almost the same as I have
> done before on small system
> this was simply EXT3 based system & the Lib was under PO...
> NTS suggested the recommended location for DOCS is under the PO - this
> is contrary to the Novell docs as External is recommended
> NTS Suggested NSS could be issue with regards to speed !!
> Anyone using EXTERNAL Storage locations (on the same Linux OES server
> ?)
> NSS for storage ?
> 6 Trial runs and same behavior (Process is similar to Novell docs /
> Caledonia book)
> any issues on upgrading !
> I'm pulling my hair out