Hi all, we updated from Vibe 3.0 to 3.3 and it has resulted in our Homepage increasing in length by about 15% due to extra line psace between Links in Lists.
Heres what I mean:
We have a couple of "List" elements on the Homepage (Landing Page), these contain URL Links or Links to Workspaces to provide quick access to the most common places in Vibe. Prior to the Update to 3.3 the Line Space between each Link was small and they all fitted in nicely.
After the Update to 3.3 the line space has increased by about 50%, when multiplied over a dozen links this increases the overall length of the "List" element and therefore entire Page.
The Homepage fitted nicely onto the screen, now it is lonmger and users have to scroll down to see all of the homepage.
I cannot find any configuration setting to change this spacing, I have checked landing Page definitions but there is nothing there, and nothing in the workspace edit area.

Can this space between Link items in a list be changed????