Imported 11.2.2 update.
Downloded SUCommandValidator, unzipped it.
First got "Permission denied trying to run
Fixed that with chmod.

But when running it says like this:
[!] There was a problem loading a required library (zdcnative). You may continue with user inputs but any passwords you type will be echoed to the console.

+ Starting System Update Command Validator (11.2.2).

+ ----------------------------------
System Information:
+ ----------------------------------
OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 32 bit
Database: Embedded Sybase
ZCM Version: 11.2.1

[!] Could not load native library, native features will be disabled

+ Attempting to connect to database...

[!] The sajdbc.jar build does not match the shared object build

What to do?
Ideas? Sitting with it right now...

Server running SLES 10 sp3.