Just implemented NSBS6.5 for a small bank with Pix firewall's inner IP
address as my next router on hop.Was able to send mails out but could not
receive inbound mails.Also the Bank's web site could no longer be
assesible from within the bank but could be connected to from any where
outside the bank's network.Could ping from the BorderManager proxy with
public IP of to the Pix private with IP of
Moreover,a MaCafe Antivirus appliance was brought in and connected btw
the BorderManager Proxy server and the Pix firewall with a bridged
connection and an assigned IP address of and At
instance,could no longer ping the Pix, but could ping both
interface of the MaCafe appliance.Could not also send nor receive mails
via the mail proxy.
I intend bringing the MaCafe appliance before the BorderManager Proxy
assign a LAN address to it since it has a bridged config,so as to isolate
the problem of this appliance.
I need to get the mail server running perfectly and the website
assesible.Pls kindly help my case.