It's probably been asked a million times but I just can't find the information I'm looking for.

In Novell Client 4.91 on Win XP there was an option to "Copy NetWare username to Windows".

This option is missing on Windows 7 with Client 2.

When logging on to Novell Client, the username is not passed to windows. We have eDir and AD, both synchronised with IDM.

Windows is always trying to log on with the wrong account. Username is blank in location profile properties, domain is set correctly.

The username it tries to log on with is that of a local account on the machine but it tries to use it to log on to the domain so that fails.

I just want it to work so if I log on with .myUserName.myContext.myOrg it passes myUserName and the password entered to the windows client. We have Contextless login set up so users will be entering only the myUserName part of their Novell login.

Any ideas?