we just migrated are VMWare servers from VMWare4 to VMWare5.
Since then, We ha encountered many problems... the iPrint server is very unstable.

I often get errors in the log with the manager restarting by itself.
I also get a state where I get nothing in the logs and the server stop processing jobs.
When that hapens, I try to restart a printer object and get a printer state of "idle" but with in a red color and it still does not print.
I then need to restart the manager and printing resumes for a couple of hours.

I did reload the manager from a backup database, but it still does not work.

If anyone has any ideas... they are more than welcome.
My next step is to delete the print manager and restore everything from the XML file... but with 850 printers on the servers... I'm getting scared to proceed.

Help please!