Hello all:

I run NCF on my home machine I use for administrative access into our
corporate network using vpn. I have recently been playing with the beta
release of VMware 5.0. I have been having a problem getting NCF to allow
the traffic from the virtual network adapter out onto the internet. The
virtual network adapter (bridged) in my windows 2000 VM has been assigned an
address within my network 192.168.x.x. I can ping my router no problem.
However, when I try to get out with a web browser I get blocked. I have
confimed it is NCF that is causing the difficulty.

I also have NCF setup to trust my local subnet.

I realize this could easily be a problem with VMware, but I was interested
if anyone has seen this behavior with older versions of VMware? If so, how
did you overcome the problem?

Thanks in advance, Chris.