Hi guys,

We want / need to migrate from Zenworks 10 to Zenworks 11 on a new server.
Our Zenworks 10 server is running on OES2 fully patched, Zenworks itself is patched to .

When we want to install our new Zenworks 11 SP2 server in to the current zone
( we want to keep our packages etc etc ) we get an error :

"This version of ZENworks is not compatible with the version ( 10.3.0 ) found in the zone"

- Is this at all possible ( to integrate an ZEN 11 in an ZEN 10 zone, replicate the packages, switch over clients, turn off ZEN 10 )
- does this mean our agents run but our 'zone ?' is not updated to the latest version, if so how can we update this.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,