I am assisting a customer with their Vibe project and some issues have come
up recently, which I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction
with. Please note we do not have Admin access to their site, but work with
the customer to provide advice. The issues are:

1. The customer has given some external users accounts on the Vibe system
(ie set them up within Vibe, rather than for all other users, which were
created via LDAP lookup to eDirectory). However, these users get a "You do
not have sufficient rights to access the permalink" when they log in. They
do not see the standard branding either, that other users see. What could
be causing these problems?

2. I have a login too, as an external user and when I go to move a file in
the workspace I have access to, I get an error "'claudio' is not authorized
to perform 'readEntries' operation on this work area". Any ideas what
causes this?

If anyone can point me in the right direction to finding the causes and
solutions to these issues, it would be a big help!