I need some advice about primary servers. We have a small ZCM environment,
but some functionality becomes increasingly important... currently it's DLU
and imaging which are essential for several PC rooms and labs.

Currently we have one ZCM 11.2.1 primary server with embedded DB on SLES 10
SP4, one satellite (Win 2008) for imaging and about 300 managed devices
(Windows 7). We do not have an environment for testing.

There are two concerns:

1) Fault tolerance

The primary server is a VM on vSphere 5, so our concern is not so much
hardware failure. But what if something else goes wrong with the primary

2) ZCM Updates\Upgrades

We had several issues after upgrading from ZCM 11.1 to ZCM 11.2 (.1) ..

My question: What is the best way to address these concerns?

Will a second primary server help? Does a second primary server make sense
with the embedded DB?

What is the best way to implement a test environment? Is it possible to have
a second zone for testing in the net? If we put the testing zone in its own
subnet, I think this is to different from the production environment...

Any thoughts are much appreciated.