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Thread: Network-Share on Windows 2008R2 Terminal Server

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    Network-Share on Windows 2008R2 Terminal Server

    The users login to the Terminal Server via RDP and authenticate to EDir by the Novell Client 2 SP2. All login-scripts with mapping to netware-volumes are processed. Authentification to the Windows Server (no AD) happens also during this login-process as all users and the Novell Client have been set up and prepared on this Windows Server manually.

    So all local drives (C: and D:) are visible and accessible for the users. The only drive missing is a local network-share on this Terminal Server which is locally mapped as V: (a very specific application is unable to work on its local drive D:, but if done with a share and mapping to V: it does work). The Windows-Administrator sees V: and can work with this application without any problem, only normal users cannot see and work on this drive.

    Is this normal behavior or might there any other problem be running into my legs?


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