I'm implementing a ZCM11.2.2 server on SLES. The managed devices are Windows7 64-bit with the ZCM11.2.2 agent installed. In production I have a ZFD server for the WindowsXP environment.

When I want to image a device in ZFD, then all I have to do is to specify this in ConsoleOne the imaging tab of the workstation. At the next reboot the workstation will be imaged. No manual intervention is necessary.

When I want to image a device in ZCM then I can assign a bundle and select "Apply assigned imaging bundle". But then the workstation just boots into the OS and seems to ignore the imaging job. But when I hold the Ctrl-Alt, boot into the "Novell preboot services menu" and select "Start Zenworks Imaging", then the correct image will be applied on the workstation.

Why doesn't workstation imaging start automatically?