We have been having an ongoing problem since at least 11.2.2 MU1 where some workstations freeze during processing user polices on login or where after they are logged in ZENworks refreshes forever (icon in the system tray spins forever).

Over the summer we reimaged a lot of our computers to windows 7 and installed 11.2.3a from scratch. We were seeing this problem last school year and we are still having it on with 11.2.3a. I have narrowed it down to a problem with ESM. When a workstation gets stuck refreshing if I disable self defense and task kill ZESservice.exe zenworks springs to life and works just fine. If I restart the machine the problem returns until I kill ZESservice.exe , if I disable Endpoint Security Management in ZCC for that machine then it works fine even if ZESsevice is running.

The only fix I have found is to uninstall and then reinstall ZENworks, clearing the cache and dumping mdstatus doesn't seem to make any difference.

Has anyone else seen this?