we have the problem, that sometimes replying to emails with iOS 6.01 (iPhone & iPad), the recipient adress gets changed after sending the mail.
So the mail can not be delivered and returns after some minutes with the failure no mailbox by that name. The change is only minimal,
sometimes the mail adress gets changed from "name.surname@" to "name-surname@".

Today I've seen that a mail adress was changed from "mailadress@" to "mailadress.mailadress@".

The problem is, that this happens only extremely rarly. And if the error message returns too late or gets caught by our gwava,
the mobile sender can't see that there was an error with his mail. I can take a iPhone or an iPad and can send 100 mails, and the error will not occure.

But sometimes it occures with the first mail !

Sending Users, sending devices and recipients are different.

Our config:
iOS 6.01 (iPhones, iPads)
GroupWise 2012 SP1 on SLES11
Data Sychronizer up to date
Gwava 5 up to date

Anyone any idea ?