I have a Novell 6.0 server outside the firewall and am beginning to set
up clients on the inside of the firewall. There appears to be no
issues with the outside clients connecting to the outside server.
However I am having strange issues with the inside clients
authenticating to the outside server. (all clients are WinXP)

If I do not sit for at least 10 seconds at the novell login screen on
the client at first boot-up before attempting to login, the client will
fail. If I try again after that, it goes right in. If I do wait for
the 10 seconds, the client authenticates the first time.

If I put an IP address in the server name field of the login dialog
box (instead of the servers FQDN) the client authenticates the first

Has anyone seen this before or know where to begin looking? There does
not appear to be a delay issue with the DNS server, as once the desktop
is up all web browsing and pings respond quickly.

Thank you for any help you can provide.