Hello all...
We are having an issue with our server randomly hanging and restarting during the day. Usually it happens just once, but there are times that it happens multiple times throughout the day. I've checked the abend log and I am not getting anything from Abend 0 or Abend 1. Everything is from Abend 2 or higher so I can't really determine what is actually causing the problem. Also, when it restarts, right before the restart, it shows "Critical sectioning prevents requested FATFS operation" (which I assume is due to the attempt to write to abend). We've tried replacing the memory and we've also made sure that the redundant power supplies are plugged into two different battery backups. Usually what happens, is that it beeps once and the server name on the console changes to HS411 <1>: (instead of just HS411:). Then approximately 30 seconds later, it beeps twice and flashes something on the screen that goes to fast that I can't see. Finally after another minute or so, the critical sectioning message appears and immediately reboots. Server info below (I've installed the latest HP IML but nothing is being reported there, either). I've spent many weeks attempting to troubleshoot this but due to the intermittent tendencies, it seems to be taking a bit. :) Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

HP ML350 G5
Netware 6.5 SP08