First of all I apologize for my English, it is not very good.
The problem is this: I have a server running NetWare 6.5 OES which serves computers running DOS applications (COBOL). At random and can not determine the problem, the console tells me the following error:

29/11/2012: 10:55:08 Server 5.70 code memory allocator out of available memory

29/11/2012: 10:56:20 Short ten memory allocator is out of memory 1034689

Attempt to get more memory failed request size in bytes 1048576

from module SERVER.NLM
If restarting the server everything runs smoothly and can do so for weeks, until that error comes again.
Reading the forum, I found some users who have had the same problem and were asked to report the utility sheds SEG.NLM whose files attached to post (seg.csv and segstats.txt) to see if they can help me find settings properly and avoid this error so that leads me to have to restart the server with all the inconveniences and delays that this entails.
I hope you can help me and I am available for any type of information you need to help me solve my problem.