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Thread: Vibe Workflow Email UserName Notifications

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    Vibe Workflow Email UserName Notifications

    I have a custom Form that is used with a custom Workflow. For every new entry that is created using this custom form and workflow, an email notification is sent to the next level of approval. The issue and confusion that arises after the first level of approval within the workflow is that the email notifications are still saying that the notification came from the original creator which is starts the confusion for all parties involved.

    What I am looking for is a way to configure the workflow to use the approver and/or last modified by as the person the email comes from to provide more clearity to the receiver and paties that are involved in the workflow.

    In the Administrator documentation I did find that the configurations that can be done include 'zone' and 'site wide'. Can the configuration include a way to have the current user interacting with the workflow be tagged to the email that the notification is sent from (and not the original entry username)?

    Any help, suggestions would be appriciated greatly.

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