I just successfully upgraded our 10.3.4 server to 11.2.2 which went remarkably well, the only real problem I had was figuring out which license code to use for system updates out of the 20-30 Zenworks 11's that are listed on our customer center.

There was however something that did become problematic for the reporting server, the /opt folder grew significantly in size between Zen 10 to Zen 11.2 which made my root volume not have enough space.
I 'solved' this by moving and then symlinking /opt/novell/zenworks/install to a different partition that holds our content-repo (/var/opt is a different partition on our server so that imaging & application uploads will not fill up the root)

So far everything seems to work just fine, with a few exceptions all our workstations seem to be updating nicely.
But is anybody aware of any issues that might come from this ? From what I can tell this dir just holds the zenworks updates themselves.