Well, just in middle of moving devices to outside my LAN into care of ZCM 11, but ... my local ZCM 10.3 server felt bad about it (can't blame it) and today ... seems to disk is broken ... So, I have backed up cert, server, db and repo, so probably I should be able to recover. And ... what a pleasant surprise ... cache-thing does work, no-one at old site even noticed that server is down, wonderful. Anyway, I must get old ZCM back into business, during moving it is good to have some ... example.
So, I rule from Novell Documentation and just want to be sure ...
(1) I'll bring back SLES 11 SP1 (hostname and the IP address of the new server are same),
(well, not sure is SLES 11 SP1 ok for ZCM 10, probably just 11)
(2) I'll install ZCM 10 (hopefully I have source, same zone name, default install location),
-- when ZCM will up (clean) does it affect devices running at site? (I mean which belonged to old ZCM 10) --
(3) SP3 on top of it (I hope I have this),
(4) I restore server, db, cert, recreate default deployment packages, repo.
Look this ok?
More thanks, Alar.