I've got a problem in configuration with a barracuda backup server 690.
For the moment the ser with one Domain and one PO is in the LAN and a second server with one Domain, GWIA and Webaccess is in the domain.
We have established a network connection between the domain.

For the moment we have a barracuda backup appliance.
We're not sure how to configure the internal domain.

When we try to make backupconfig for this server we had to do following:
Base Context : Here I give the Organisational Object.
Trusted Application Key. This is generated.
The eDirectory Hostname : emtpy.

When I test the connection there comes an message, that the connection to the IMAP-Server wasn't successful.

Do I need a GWIA on my server in the LAN? How is the configuration here?
I wan't lost the connection between the domain.
For the moment barracuda's support has an idea here.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Best regards.

Dirk Emmermacher