Hi - I set up Backup exec 2012 running on a windows server and the RALUS agent running on a single SLES10 server running OES with the latest patches, etc and the backup hangs up on certain folders on the Linux box. I do know there are folders you should exclude but does anyone have a good list of what can be excluded yet still gives you a proper backup that you can hope to restore someday? The hangups seem to be on certain sub folders in the /var folder but there may be others. I remember with the older version of backup exec I had with this that if you did exclude certain things the backup went through but I misplaced the list of what I excluded to make this work.

So does anyone have a good list of exclusions to try for this? Otherwise its do a backup, wait to see what hangs and where, exclude that folder, and try it again from the top which is time consuming and I really need to back things up.