Anyone else having issues with Atheros cards after update to 11.2.2? I also did the Dec PRU, and the imaging driver update Nov 2012... What worked perfectly before is now broken... I think it is the atl1e that replaced atl1c, not sure... I looked, and the using the "hwinfo --netcard | more", I see the wireless card, as well as the AR 8132 card (0x1969 0x1062), which is getting loaded (I see new id with that number, pointing to atl1e)... but when I get to the menu (using the boot CD), and look at network cards, it only shows the loopback and wireless Atheros card... booting from the network, It gets an IP, it gets to the menu, I go into maintenance, and I see it loading... I see its new id listed, but it will not load it correctly... seems to be broken from atl1c to atl1e? Anyone else seen this? easy fix anyone? I have about 90 machines waiting to be imaged, need some help... Thanks!