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Thread: Incident or Service Request ?

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    needee NNTP User

    Incident or Service Request ?

    one of my client is running NSD 6.5.4, and yet only Incident Management is configured. Customers sends emails to support and their is a "Default Incident Team" who receives the email and assign the Incident to the appropriate Team(Apps Support Team, Network Support Team, Front Office Team, etc).

    As of now everything is Incident, e.g "Password Change" and "Account Unlock" requests are all treated as "Incidents".. because only Incident Management is configured/implemented.

    Now we are going to implement the "Service Request", "Change Request" etc.

    in NSD 6.5.4 we can only create Incidents from "Service Request" but not the vice-versa (while in NSD 7 "Incidents can now be converted to Service Requests and vice-versa.")

    So my Question here is till my client is using NSD 6.5.4, if a customer sends an email then
    1 - a Service Request should be created(instead of Incident), so that "Default Request Team" can convert it to "Incident" if necessary/required.

    i,e now the Entry Point(if customer sends email) should be "Service Request" instead of "Incident" ?

    Please guide me on this.
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