Can someone else with GW 2012 try this? I don't know if it's a bug or something quirky with our install. You will need a multi-user calendar with the account owner as one of the members of the multi-user calendar to try this.

Right-click your Home tab and choose Properties.
Click the Display tab.
Make sure View by is set to Panels and click Customize Panels.
Add a Calendar to any of the columns (or use an existing one if it's already there).
With Calendar highlighted, click Edit.
Change the folder to one of your multi user calendars and click OK.
On the Calendar Settings window, click the Display tab.
Change Calendar View to Multi-User Columns.
Click OK on all windows to close.

Do any appointments appear in the column for the account owner? We are finding all appointments appear for all people on the multi-user calendar except for the appointments of the person who owns the account. The owner's appointments appear fine on all their other calendars, multi-user, and multi-user column views. It's only when in panel view that the appointments for the account owner don't show. See screen capture:

Mandi Witkovsky
Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne