Running Data Synchronizer 1.2.4 (was 1.2, but I've upgraded it as part of the troubleshooting process) on SLES 11.1. At some point on November 30th user devices could no longer connect, previous to this the system has been stable. The Web UI looks completely healthy.

Testing using passses DNS and HTTPS tests, but fails the certificate test with "The certificate couldn't be validated because SSL negotiation wasn't successful. This could have occurred as a result of a network error or because of a problem with the certificate installation". To date we've been using a self signed cert and it hasn't caused any issues so I'm not sure if the error is due to the self signed cert or something else. I've recreated new certs but get the same result.

The only other possibility I can see is that the Patch CD Update process gives the warning: "Product Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack is not registered, registration failed" but I don't see a place to enter a registration key so I'm not sure what to do with it.

Any help would be appreciated.