ndssnmpsa on OES11 or OES11SP1 shows a very strange cpu utilization

It uses quite a lot of cpu resources - you can query that for the
process itself showing consistently 10-20% of cpu-usage.

If you run any command to query the whole cpu utilization or use
something like top or gnome-system-monitor you wont see this cpu
utilization reflected in the overall cpu-utilization.

But if you run this as a VM on VMware and query the cpu-utilization of
the VM via vmware means like Vsphere client you see that the cpu
utilization is much higher as the one seen from inside the VM and the
difference it approximately the cpu-utilization taken up by ndssnmpsa.

If you stop ndssnmpsa cpu-utilization seen under vmware drops down to
the level you see inside the VM, if you start ndssnmpsa cpu-utilization
seen under vmware rises back to the level before stopping it - but you
do not see a rise in the cpu utilization from inside the guest.

This looks as if someone changed the tools for measuring
cpu-utilization on OES11 servers to exclude at least the cpu
utilization of the ndssnmpsa daemon - and what other daemons, too????
perhaps to hide possible resource eaters????

W. Prindl