I use the 7.0.3 Api, I have Groupwise desktop client 8.0.3 looking at postoffice running GroupWise 8.0 SP3 HP1. In the API i create a Task, all is as expected in the Groupwise desktop calendar when i view my newly created Task. Then with modifyItemRequest, i change the startDate and dueDate. With the API, i see that the modified dates on the server are as expected when i enquire via task.getStartDate() task.getDueDate() but in the Groupwise client when i view the modified Task, the Task is re-positioned to the correct Day(the new dueDate) in the calendar, but the Task Start is always showing as the original date set when i first created the Task and never shows the modified start date. Also the tooltip in the client/opening the Task in the client, always shows the original startDate and never the modified startDate. When i log into the server via the API and re-check what startDate is currently set, it always returns me the modified startDate as I would expect. I don't understand why the calendar is not reflecting what I set via the API. Why is the calendar view keeping hold of the original startDate when clearly the API returns the modified startDate ? Do you have any idea what could be wrong here ?