I'm testing upgrading my GroupWise servers running on SLES 10 SP3 with OES2 SP3 to SLES 11 SP2 and OES 11 SP1, and the upgrade process seems to run smoothly until I get to the OES upgrade process. On step 1 I am being prompted for my EDir server and it has my soon to be retired NetWare 6's IP address in the field. Unfortunately I don't have an instance of this server in my dev environment, and when I try changing the IP address to the "Master Replica" server that I created in my environment (or any other server for that matter) I get an error that I can't connect, and prompt to continue anyway.

My first question/concern is why can't I connect to my other master replica server in my Dev environment when it is functioning correctly for other Novell services, and my other question is how much trouble could I cause by continuing even though I can't connect at this point?

My production servers are in VMWare ESX and I created my dev images by making clones and then exporting them to VMWare to take to an isolated environment away from my production environment. Dev has absolutely no access to my production environment, it is just a stand alone hub that I connect the different devices on over VMWare workstation. Thanks!